All About Section 8 Affordable Housing Program Friendly Apartment

Nice apartments at good prices are hard to find. If you can do it in the free market, you will get caught quickly, because the competition is fierce.

A few key things that will help you get the Section 8 housing in Washington County:

Think like a salesperson: remember, until you sign a contract, you are not a tenant, so by then you are already a sales professional. The product you are selling is YOU. Before you meet the future owner, pay attention to all your good points.

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You want to see the situation from the owner's point of view. What is most important to them, as you probably know? They want to rent on time, they want good tenants who help maintain or increase the value of their property. 

Example: You're a great tenant and help maintain value because you're tidy, you pay your share – if subsidized – you've been quiet for a while, you're barely home because you work hard, you help to clean up the appearance of the property without being asked, etc.

Finally, be prepared, take everything with you, even if you don't need it, remember that this is part of your "presentation" of some visual aids to let the landlord know that you are serious, that you have time to appreciate and that you are a caring tenant who is responsible.

You can also search online for more information about housing rentals.