All About Raised Floor

Remember back in the day when your first desk computer looked like thousands of wires and cables coming out of it will be either plugged it back in other places or into the outlet? 

Remember thinking how the heck you’d hide all the cables that are unsightly and spoil the look of the room? Yes, we have raised  floors right now that have been used in Europe for several decades already, but it became fashionable in North America. 

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The raised floor is also called a raised access computer floor because it allows for panels to be carried out at will for a technician to go in there and find out where the problem lies and has easy access to fix it all without disturbing anything or anyone and leave a big mess.

Raised floors can be as little as 2 “above the regular floor or as many as 4 ‘depending on the needs of the client. They can be covered by the ‘ordinary’ flooring options like carpet tile, high pressure laminates, marble or stone that are perfect for hallways and lobbies. 

Raised floor is fast becoming a go to for many offices and laboratories as it looks like a regular floor but has a secret – it will hide all the inner workings of the office while still allowing easy access to everything.