A Culture Of Philanthropy

The official definition of philanthropy states that it is a culture that synergistically motivates volunteers and investments from them that can connect the mission and dignity of the organization. 

The word “philanthropy” comes from the Greek words philos, meaning “to love,” and anthropus, meaning “human species,” combined to express “love of humanity.” The word culture simply means a set of core values, beliefs, and norms of organizational behavior. So the culture of philanthropy encourages love of humanity and caring for others. The best South African philanthropy has very important insights to maximize efforts to reduce the burden of poverty, disease, and injustice. 

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Organizations that have adopted a culture of philanthropy see philanthropy as an opportunity to further their valued mission and are excited to present this opportunity to the world. Here are the traits to look for:

  • Everyone acts like an ambassador and helps find new friends and partners.
  • The organization works in a donation-oriented manner, which makes it easy and convenient for donors and creates dialogue.
  • Anyone can create a fundraising case and explain how contributions will be used.
  • Beneficiaries are seen as the heart of the organization and are invited to tell their stories.
  • The organization’s management has a real commitment to leading the fundraising effort.
  • Board members are personally invested and contribute financially.

Ninety percent of the work done in development is preparation and only ten percent is actually asking. The truth is that no organization can employ sufficient development staff to adequately develop all potential donors in the donor universe and achieve maximum fundraising results.