3D Printing Assistive Devices

Access 3D Services is fast prototyping and engineering company utilizing additive production to enable individuals with disabilities.

The company designs and creates custom assistive tools and durable medical devices for individuals living with a handicap. You can buy custom 3d model online via https://vizframe.com/3d-model-library

They also supply a broad selection of 3D printing solutions to many different industries such as academia, business, and medicine.

Accessibility 3D Services (A3D) is a subset of accessibility Freedom, a nonprofit company dedicated to"encouraging opportunities and independence for individuals with disabilities through support, empowerment, and learning," explains Joe Eckert, Operations Director of A3D.

Initially, a 3D printing solutions agency, the company has expanded to include technology, design, 3D printing, CNC providers, and 3D scanning. A3D gives these solutions to a broad array of customers and businesses and donates all profits to individuals living with disabilities.

A3D remains attached to the disability community by"researching possible answers to ordinary problems encountered by people with disabilities and the way our 3D services application can help make those solutions a reality," clarifies Eckert.

As soon as an individual with a spinal cord injury was not able to hold a drink container with no handle, A3D was decided to discover a solution.

Among A3D's engineers were satisfied with the person to best understand their particular circumstance and made a handle that may attach to conventional juice and milk cartons.

A3D subsequently used Simplify3D to print the deal and guarantee that a comfortable match, allowing the person to pour their drinks from a case again.